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Plainfield Township

Finance / Taxes

Plainfield Township Finance / Taxes Elected Tax Collector
Susan Lieberman
610-588-7917 (Office)
1549 Pen Argyl Road
Pen Argyl, PA 18072

EIT and LST Tax Collector
Keystone Collections Group 1-888-519-3897

Earned Income Tax
The Northampton County Tax Collection Committee has contracted with Keystone Collections Group for the collection of the earned income tax from all Northampton County residents as well as the employees of all township businesses.

Local Service Tax (LST)
Plainfield Township hereby levies and imposes on every individual engaging in an occupation within the jurisdictional limits of Plainfield Township a tax in the amount of $52 per annum, beginning the first day of January 2008, and continuing on a calendar basis annually thereafter, until modified or repealed by subsequent ordinance.

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