6292 Sullivan Trail Nazareth, PA 18064 | 610-759-6944
Plainfield Township


Plainfield Township Plainfield Township
6292 Sullivan Trail
Nazareth, Pa 18064
Email: manager@plainfieldtownship.org
Phone: 610-759-6944

Office Hours

  • Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

The administration of the Township is under the direction of Paige Stefanelli who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Township and reports to the Board of Supervisors.

The Manager oversees all fiscal elements of the Township including budget preparation and management, purchasing, contract management, financial reporting, information technology, and human resources.

Unless noted, any of the staff listed below can be reached by calling the telephone number above or you can click on the envelope icon to send an email.

Office Administration
Paige Stefanelli - Township Manager | 610-759-6944 x102
Amy Riger - Director of Finance | 610-759-6944 x101
Amy Kahler - Administrative Assistant/ Township Secretary | 610-759-6944 x100
Keystone Consulting Engineers - Part-Time Zoning Officer | 610-759-6944 x103
David Backenstoe, Esq. - Solicitor

Board of Supervisors
Kenneth Field, Chairman (Term expires January 1, 2030)
Glenn Borger, Vice-Chairman (Term expires January 1, 2028)
Ken Fairchild (Term expires January 1, 2026)
Nolan Kemmerer (Term expires January 1, 2030)
Jonathon Itterly (Term expires January 1, 2026)

Township Engineer / Sewage Enforcement Officers
David Crowther
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. | 610-865-4555

Ian Stout
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. | Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO #04104) | 610-865-4555

Chris Noll
Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. | Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO #01749) | 610-865-4555

Charles Unangst
Hanover Engineering, Inc. | Alternate Township Engineer | 610-691-5644

Christopher Taylor
Hanover Engineering, Inc. | Landfill Inspector | 610-691-5644

Jacob Schray
Hanover Engineering, Inc. | Alternate Landfill Inspector | 610-691-5644

Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. | Environmental Engineer | 610-691-5644