Administrative Policy on Appointments to Boards and Commissions

(Adopted by the Board of Supervisors during the October 10, 2018 regular Board of Supervisors meeting via Resolution #2018-21)

The following policy and procedures are established to ensure that the Plainfield Township Board of Supervisors’ goals of utilizing the vast wealth of talent and experience among its Township residents to serve on the Township’s many Boards and Commissions are realized. Additionally, it is the stated intent of the Board of Supervisors that the procedures for making application for Board and Commissions are uniform, consistently applied and widely disseminated to the public at large.

1. Community Resources Leadership Bank

The Township Manager/Secretary shall maintain a Community Resource Leadership Bank which contains the names, resumes, recommendations and other pertinent information requested by the Board of any resident desiring to serve on any Board or Commission, or other similar position. This information is retained in the Resource Bank for a period of two years. Any questions pertaining to the Community Resource Leadership Bank shall be addressed to the Township Manager/Secretary.

2. Term Limitations

a. It is the policy of the Board of Supervisors that any Board or Commission appointee shall be eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms on any one Board or Commission unless otherwise provided for below. A past member of a Board or Commission may be appointed to additional terms on the same Board or Commission after having relinquished service on that Board or Commission for at least one year. Incumbents who are appointed to fill more than one-half of an unexpired term may only be reappointed for one more term.

b. No later than 60 days prior to the expiration of any term of any member of a Township Board or Commission, the Township Manager/Secretary shall provide notification to the Board of Supervisors of pending expirations and eligibility/non-eligibility for reappointment.

c. Certain Boards and Commissions require of their members technical expertise and a depth of experience and continuity of service in order to properly function and best serve the needs of the community. This expertise and experience is difficult to find among those willing to volunteer their time and talents to the Township and is normally gained only by years of public service. Such Boards and Commissions include, but are not limited to, the Zoning Hearing Board, the Planning Commission and the Environmental Advisory Council.

When making appointments to these or any other above Board and Commission, the Board of Supervisors, in their sole discretion, may elect to waive its term limits policy in order to retain individuals whose expertise and quality of service is deemed of overriding importance.

d. No member of Township staff, either full-time, part-time, seasonal or temporary, may be appointed to serve as a voting member of a Township Board or Commission.

3. Reappointment

a. No later than 60 days prior to the expiration of the first term of an appointed member of a Board or Commission, the Township Manager/Secretary will ensure that the Board of Supervisors is informed of the upcoming term expiration.

b. If any member of the Board of Supervisors has reason to believe that a member of a Board or Commission should not be reappointed to a second term, that Supervisor will so notify the Township Manager/Secretary, who thereafter shall alert the Board of Supervisors of the concern for consideration of reappointment of an incumbent in a closed door session of the Board of Supervisors.

c. If the Board determines it would be in the Township’s best interest to consider reappointing an incumbent, the Township Manager/Secretary or designated staff liaison will contact the incumbent to ascertain his or her desire to serve another term.

d. If the incumbent wishes to be reappointed then that action will be added to the next appropriate Board of Supervisors regular meeting agenda for the Board’s consideration and potential action. However, if the incumbent does not wish to be reappointed, then the procedures outlined in Paragraph 4 below shall control.

e. If the Board chooses not to reappoint an eligible and interested incumbent, the Township Manager/Secretary shall so advise the incumbent and the procedures outlined in Paragraph 4 below shall control. However, if this eligible incumbent requests an interview, the request shall be granted.

4. Interview and Appointments

a. When a vacancy occurs on a Board or Commission, the Township Manager/Secretary will identify all applications for that Board or Commission in the Community Resource Leadership Bank. The Township Manager/Secretary will also advertise the opening to seek additional applications (utilizing both local newspapers as well as the Township website). The Township Manager/Secretary will schedule interviews open to the public of all applicants with the Board of Supervisors (or designated committee of the Board).

b. To further assist the Board in making its determination, recommendations should be sought from the current chairperson and secretaries of the relevant Board or Commission and the Township Manager, based on his/her discussions with staff.

5. Determination of Appointments/Reappointments

Following all interviews, the Board of Supervisors (or designated committee of the Board) will discuss the pending appointments in Executive (closed) Session and, when appropriate, will instruct the Township Manager/Secretary to schedule formal action on a recommended appointment for placement on the agenda of the Board of Supervisors.

6. Recognition of Service

It shall be the policy of the Board to formally recognize the service of all outgoing Board or Commission members for their commitment and service to the Plainfield Township community.

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